Videocast: On the Edge - Why the Key to IoT-Scale Lies at the Outer Limits of Your IoT Deployment


On the Edge – Why the Key to IoT-Scale Lies at the Outer Limits of Your IoT Deployment

Cellular LP-WAN and 5G tech are the tipping point for accessible Enterprise IoT at scale. Are you ready to harness this for your own organization’s digital transformation?

Listen to Telit IoT Expert Alon Segal discuss enterprise knowledge gaps, deployment problems, and ultimately the true solution for IoT-at-Scale: the Edge.

80% of enterprise stakeholders plan to deploy the IoT edge, but less than 50% are confident their knowledge covers all they need to know to implement the IoT edge. Millions of devices – but millions of potentially vulnerable endpoints. Organizations suffer from these delays to time to value and monetization.

Telit OneEdge

Telit OneEdge, offered by the unparalleled IoT experts at IoT hardware and software, Telit, helps you get your IoT devices born ready – by simplifying design deployment & management of products & solutions

Featured Clips

How can enterprise expect to bridge the billion device IoT Gap? [4:34]

More devices, more vulnerable endpoints: what should enterprises be wary of? [4:28]

What do people know (and not know) about the edge? [6:03]

What tech advancements are enabling cellular LPWA on the Enterprise? [3:01]

Why is OneEdge right for the current market? How does it bring IoT deployment faster to market? [6:14]

Why is Telit leading the LPWA charge? Why is OneEdge the right tool for the job? [7:11]

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