Bluetooth® Module

Embedded Bluetooth Smart 4.1 low energy module

The BlueMod+S is a low energy single mode module that is designed to connect ultra low power wireless sensors and peripherals to Bluetooth v4.0 or higher-equipped smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The small form factor (17x10x2.6 mm) module has a range of up to 700m with free line of sight. Part of the  BlueMod+Sx form factor family, the module is compatible with other models. It is Bluetooth 4.1 qualified and CE, FCC, MIC, IC, KCC, SRRC, RCM and Anatel certified. The module is available in different firmware versions, that you can find below.

BlueMod+S is a Bluetooth solution for smartphone connectivity and cable replacement applications with low energy consumption. With our development kit BlueDev+S you can develop your own firmware on the BlueMod+S and receive the modules flashed with your own firmware directly from production.



Key Features: BlueMod+S

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Module
  • Bluetooth Qualification 4.1
  • CE, FCC, IC, KCC, MIC, RCM, SRRC and Anatel certified
  • OTA firmware updates
  • Sample Code for iOS and Android

Firmware Versions

Terminal I/O and GATT for transparent Smartphone connectivity

  • Terminal I/O peripheral. Terminal I/O is a SPP like transparent data channel.
  • Generic GATT server

GATT Central and Terminal I/O peripheral in parallel for Bluetooth gateway functionality

  • Generic GATT client with up to 3 parallel connections
  • Terminal I/O peripheral
  • Location based services (RSSI based)

Automation I/O Peripheral for simple sensors and/or actuators

  • Designed for hostless battery driven operations
  • Automation I/O profile
  • OTA configuration
  • GPIO transfer
  • ADC support
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