secureGATE for the Telit secureWISE IIoT Platform

Protect Your Legacy Systems and Machines

Isolate any tool — both legacy or new — from the FABs production network to protect it from viruses or malware. You’ll have complete control to allow only authorized connections from trusted sources within the FAB such as the MES, maintenance system, etc. An easy-to-use interface for data access to all of the protected tools lets you control, audit, monitor and virus scan the remaining traffic going to or from the tool.

Protect Legacy Operating Systems

Protect your legacy operating systems that are no longer supported by Microsoft, such as Windows NT, XP, and 2003. secureGATE allows you to bridge the security gaps for these tools that can be exposed to attacks and costly security breaches.


Extend the Life of Your Legacy Machines

Get a smart, cost-efficient way to extend the life of your legacy machines, while ensuring iron-clad security. You’ll also improve machine performance because secureGATE eliminates the need to constantly update anti-virus software and virus definitions that can slow these older machines down.

  • Have the option of delaying expensive capital purchases.

    Avoid any problems related to virus protection, malware or throughput/performance.

  • Improve tool throughput.
  • Keep tools producing that are no longer supported with the latest anti-virus software and patches.
  • Increase tool uptime by eliminating the need to constantly patch and upgrade antivirus definitions



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Protect Your Legacy Assets

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