EN13757 Wireless M-Bus - ME50-868



Short range LGA module for Wireless M-Bus standard 868 MHz

A compact LGA module, the ME50-868 is a 868 MHz Wireless M-Bus module that combines high performance and low cost, providing the system integrator a reliable and cost effective to add Wireless M-Bus connectivity to their project. It is ideally suited for use in one or two-way data links and metering data collection from gas, heat, water or other meters.

The CE certified ME50 family includes the Telit proprietary Wireless M-Bus stack which simplifies integration using AT commands over UART and is pin-to-pin compatible with other Telit Wireless M-Bus and short range modules.


Key Features: ME50-868

  • TTL RS232 interface and operate across the industrial temperature range
  • Up to 2000m range
  • Tx power up to 25mW with sensitivity up to -109 dBm
  • Power consumption of less than 1.5 μA in sleep mode with an RTC clock running
  • Configurable output power

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