Smart Antenna GNSS Module - SC872-A

Plug-and-play smart antenna GNSS module

Enable GNSS easily with the SC872-A smart module. Equipped with an embedded 20 x 20 mm antenna, the SC872-A is packaged in a 21 x 22 mm double-sided PCB package. This turn-key solution is a fully integrated, top performing plug-and-play system featuring embedded flash memory, integrated LNA, battery backup and a connector.

With this combination of features, the SC872-A ensures 24/7 availability of a reliable time base and top level TTFF performance even if the device has been disconnected from the power supply for a period of time. The embedded connector further simplifies implementation, enabling a quick and easy option for mounting or replacements.

Market segments

General purpose, Telematics


Key Features: SC872-A

  • 20x20 mm antenna
  • Battery backup for faster TTFF
  • Low power processing core delivers current optimized multi-constellation tracking
  • Easy setup, install and replace

Eliminate costly hardware revisions

You don’t need to be a GNSS or RF expert. Contact one of our design consultants for support.