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A seamless integration of any type connectivity for the IoT is our specialty. See what Wirepas Modules can do by integrating Telit’s line of fully certified modules.

Organizations with limited Wirepas Modules, or RF expertise don’t have the time or resources to navigate through all the varying requirements associated with testing and certifications. Certified modules from Telit result in faster development times and market availability because they are compliant with industry standards and meet major global regulatory and industry certification requirements.

Market segments

Wirepas Module

Bluetooth for large scale industrial and infrastructure applications BlueMod+W42 is the first Telit Bluetooth module embedded with Wirepas connectivity technology, an automated multi-hop, wide-area mesh network.


Key Features:

  • Red certified
  • Simplicity – Devices are the network
  • Unlimited Network Scale and Coverage
  • Fully automatic – Zero configuration
  • Spectrum use: Adaptive frequency and power
  • Secured connections
  • Over-the-air update
  • Industrial temperature
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2.4GHz Mesh network solution Unlimited Network Scale and Coverage Fully automatic – Zero configuration

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