LE851-868 S Module

Sigfox Ready

Ultra Narrow Band Technology. Ultra Low Power Mode.

The LE51-868 S SIGFOX and CE certified module supports the 863-870 MHz license free band supporting both Sigfox Uplink/downlink communications and the Telit proprietary local network protocol. With up to 35 mW output power and -126dBm@ 600 bps sensitivity, it is well suited for short range to long-range applications such as asset tracking, energy or smart building.

LE51-868 S creates a local communications network in a star architecture and long-chain communication with a smart repeater function for long-range communication with a natural gateway to a Sigfox network. Ready to use and easy to handle, the LE51-868 S offers data encryption (AES128), cyclic wake up (the module wakes up periodically and listens the radio link) and Download over the Air (DOTA) features.

Telit LE851-868 SIGFOX and CE certified module

Key Features: LE51-868 S

  • Ultra-narrow band technology
  • Ultra-low power mode
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Pin to Pin compatible with all SR modules
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