Enable ultra-secure mobile data and NFC for cars in one robust package

ATOP is the Telit platform for automotive telematics on-board units (OBU-s). It simplifies creating applications such as road pricing and eCall by integrating all required technologies, including 3G cellular for voice and data communication and GPS/GLONASS for location.

Installers can simply add a power supply, speaker and microphone, sensors, a box to a vehicle and to support almost any telematics application securely for line-fitting or after-sales.


Telit ATOP 3.5G module

Dimensions and Key Features

  • Globally certified
  • Cellular for voice and data communication
  • GPS | GLONASS location based technology
  • Java APIs
  • SmartMX embedded security processor option
  • NFC for short range communication to enable a number of applications such as driver ID and more
  • Regional variants:
    • EMEA, Africa
    • NA




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