Offering a new solution for the usage-based insurance market

“From the beginning, we wanted a provider that would allow us to start small and economical, and scale when we need it; without paying extra and service interruption. For us, this company was Telit.”

– Emilio Figueroa, CTO and co-founder, Jooycar

Products and Solutions

A new cloud-based Usage Based Insurance solution

Jooycar sought to provide an end-to-end, cloud-based insurance telematics platform focused on creating value insurers and enhancing policyholders’ experience. Its usage-based insurance (UBI) solution demanded various data inputs and outputs, including automotive data collection, user data collection and output to many possible data bases and applications. To create such a flexible smart car platform, Jooycar enlisted the help of Telit’s IoT technology and expertise.

Going with a single vendor IoT solution

The data-centric approach of Telit IoT Platform gave Jooycar a broad range of functions related to data collection, data transport, data storage and data delivery. The company took advantage of a variety of approaches for creating dashboards, web-based and mobile apps as well as integrating with enterprise systems or cloud-based big data analytics solutions.

“We are data source agnostic. We can get [data] from the OBDII device, and also smart phones, black boxes, and embedded car solutions” said Emilio Figueroa, CTO & Co-Founder of Jooycar.

Telit’s connectivity management solution allowed Jooycar to simplify their cellular connectivity provisioning and management process by consolidating the administration of a multi-provider, multi-national network into Telit’s web-based management portal.

Telit’s formidable ecosystem of technology partners empowered Jooycar to find a hardware provider that could deliver a robust hardware offering that combined the ease of integration with the Telit cloud – which, after a thorough selection process, was the OBD-II device manufacturer Danlaw.

“We have strong evidence to believe we can cut insurance and gasoline costs for fleet managers by 30% using UBI technology.”

– Gonzalo Gamenara, Personal Portfolio Manager, Sura

Establishing Competencies and Staying Agile

Jooycar’s selection of IoT hardware and software ushers in the era of truly connected car via telematics data collection through an OBD2 device, smartphone and hybrid data source; data processing, scoring and storage; and rewards based on driver behavior.

“We know that usage based insurance is great to save money for good driver behavior. We realized that users need extra value than the discounts to have more penetration, so we created value added service likes roadside assistance, recovery of stolen cars.”

– Said Maria Paz Gillet, CEO & Co-founder, Jooycar

Jooycar’s exclusive scoring algorithm enables actuarial teams to include new variables and data predictors for more precise UBI risk calculation.

This driver score considers factors such as drive times and schedules, as well as variables related to driving habits.

“Sura recognizes that playing a different and connectivity will allow us to change the way we interact with our customers. It has a lot to do with adding value to our customers rather than selling just an insurance product.”


– Gonzalo Gamenara, Personal Portfolio Manager, Jooycar customer Sura

The offering also generates automatic crash notifications as first notice of loss and supports various value-added services related to smart roadside assistance.


Jooycar plans on using the rich enterprise integration capabilities of the Telit IoT Platform to further develop their customer base of automotive fleet managers, insurance companies, individual automobile owners and service and repair vendors. “We work together with insurance companies to create a specific algorithm that can help their goals” said Maria Paz Gillet, CEO & Co-founder, Jooycar.


The platform’s enterprise integration features enable Jooycar to adapt its IoT deployment to fulfill new business opportunities quickly and without major investment.

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