Telit IoT Essentials

Learn How to Create Your IoT Solution


This five-day course is perfect for developers, applications engineers and architects who are looking to learn about:

  • Monitoring and servicing assets
  • Collecting real-time and historical data
  • Automating manual processes and improving day-to-day operations and efficiency
  • Third-party cloud integration (AWS, SAP, Azure, Watson)
  • Remote access and remediation
  • Saving time and money through the deployment life cycle, connectivity and device management
  • Gaining an edge over your company’s competitors

Things can start to get a bit complex when it comes to learning how to manage your IoT deployments and device data. Telit IoT Essentials teaches technical professionals, applications engineers and architects the skills needed to create, deploy, administer and maintain commercial and production solutions based on Telit IoT platforms’ tools and features. Join the Telit IoT team as they take you through some IoT best practices to help you get the most out of your technology.

We spend hours of hands-on time with Telit modules and IoT platforms, third-party sensors and gateways in this course. You’ll learn how easy it is to use and connect edge hardware to it. We will also introduce our range of available products and services. This course will help you understand what an end-to-end solution looks like with Telit products and provide quality time with our developers and engineers.


Fundamentals of M2M/IoT, connectivity, Telit’s cloud portal, deviceWISE runtime, triggers, IoT security and more.

Target Audience:

Technical personnel tasked with installing, configuring or maintaining an IoT implementation.

Suggested Skillset:

Participants should be familiar and have basic knowledge of computers, network and communication protocols, basic understanding of APIs, and a strong desire to learn and apply concepts learned throughout the course.

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March 14-18, 2022
8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Contact us for on-site options and pricing. Group discounts are available.

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