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deviceWISE IoT Immersion

This course is a combination of deviceWISE IoT for Developers and deviceWISE IoT for Integrators

deviceWISE IoT for Developers

Overview:  This course targets those new to the IoT space, or those seeking to broaden their understanding.

Students will explore different sensor types, take a deep-dive into our Cloud Portal, and learn how to integrate with back-end systems. The lecture is complemented with several hands-on labs using Telit devices. The class includes a comprehensive final project aimed at solving a real-world scenario and incorporates most of the hardware and software discussed during the course.

Topics: Fundamentals of M2M/IoT, use cases, connectivity, Telit’s cloud portal, security, and more.

Target Audience: Technicians, engineers, IoT Designers, solution developers

Suggested Skillset: Basic computer skills and basic understanding of M2M/IoT, understanding of APIs, and a strong desire to learn and apply concepts learned throughout the course.

deviceWISE IoT for Integrators

Overview:  This course is designed with the solution integrator in mind.  By concentrating on the “nuts and bolts” issues facing integrators in the field, this course introduces and reinforces the critical tasks involved with launching, integrating, and maintaining an enterprise IoT solution.

Topics:  Gateways, Triggers, IT Transports, the Telit Workbench, custom actions, and more.

Target Audience:  System integrators and technicians tasked with installing, configuring, and maintaining an IoT implementation.

Suggested Skillset:  Solid knowledge of network and communication protocols.


Four days

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