IoT Asset Tracking Solutions

What Is IoT Asset Tracking?

Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled asset tracking is the method of tracking valuable property by leveraging IoT technology that uses GPS/GNSS or cellular tower triangulation to pinpoint the asset’s location. Through sensors, connected devices and sophisticated data analytics, IoT asset tracking enables an automated, remotely controlled and connected means for monitoring and managing geo-position and movement aspects of an asset’s life cycle and functionality.

Every business has valuable assets, ranging from manufacturing equipment to fleets of cars or trucks or even livestock on a farm. Protecting the safety, health and availability of those assets, as well as feeding data lakes with information from those assets, such as environmental conditions and movement patterns that go into analytics engines, are crucial to your business’s success.

Valuable Asset Tracking Creates New Service Opportunities

Securely tracking the location and health of valuable assets and inventory is critical to business operations. Managing your assets becomes much easier with IoT-enabled asset tracking. These solutions allow you to track your assets remotely, enabling your business to reduce risk, save money and create new revenue streams.

Manage Inventory and Improve Operations with Real-Time Information

Here are just a few ways that businesses are using IoT-enabled asset tracking to improve their bottom lines:

Gain Real-Time Data Insights

Extract and analyze real-time information from a variety of sources to make faster, smarter business decisions.

Improve Inventory Management

Replenish inventory at the right time in the right amount to maximize profitability.

Locate and Identify Lost Equipment

Quickly locate and identify lost or stolen items to improve theft prevention and recovery.

Gain Real-Time Data Insights

Extract and analyze real-time information from a variety of sources to make faster, smarter business decisions.

Reduce Costly Problems

Monitor event alerts and take immediate action to reduce negative impacts from malfunctions or other issues.

Create New Business Capabilities with Remote Tracking

Offer new services to customers such as proactive parts or supplies replenishment or preventive maintenance.

Telic: Developing a Compact Tracking Device for Harsh Environments

Central Europe’s forest administration was suffering from an increase in log thefts. To address this, German telematics device manufacturer Telic set out to create an asset tracking application that would remain operational in humid environments with widely varying temperature ranges. Telic’s Picotrack device incorporates a Telit cellular module, which has proven field reliability and can operate in a wide temperature range. With Picotrack, Telic has helped the forest service capture log-theft culprits and improve security.

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Use Real-Time Asset Information to Improve Customer Service

Telit modules, global cellular connectivity plans and device management subscription services enable IoT solutions for asset tracking that make it easy to connect and manage all your assets from a single web-based IoT portal.