Facilities Management with IoT Solutions

Bringing Smart Building Technology to Facilities Management

Facilities management is the management of people, processes and physical systems in the built environment. It can include:

  • Maintenance
  • Communication
  • Labor management
  • Project management
  • Emergency procedures and response

To manage these responsibilities, facility managers are turning to smart technology. Smart facilities management solutions use real-time connected device data to make facilities safer and more comfortable for occupants. They can reduce energy use and costs. Typical systems benefiting from smart facility solutions include:

  • Facility maintenance
  • Access and security systems
  • Fire and safety prevention systems
  • HVAC systems

Functions like energy-usage management and sanitation are manual operations in traditional building management. Smart facility solutions automate these processes by combining sensor input and machine learning with connectivity and analytics. With IoT-based facilities management, these functions can be prescheduled and adjusted for maximum efficiency.


IoT Use Cases in Smart Facilities Management

With smart facilities management, managers can leverage IoT to:

Align Energy Use with Market Conditions to Save Money

Building managers can tap real-time data and energy supplier market information to adjust energy sourcing and lower costs. Understanding energy fluctuations helps them source energy smarter and take advantage of clean energy such as solar power.

Maximize Energy Efficiency Based on Occupancy

IoT-connected devices can monitor building occupancy and adjust HVAC and other settings to meet occupancy needs. When occupants leave a section of the building, the system can turn HVAC off. Such automatic temperature adjustments, along with motion-triggered lighting, optimize energy systems to reduce waste. Smart facilities management helps implement clean energy resources and reduce waste to align with green building initiatives.

Prevent System Damage

IoT-connected sensor networks feed into inference engines and AI systems. These detect abnormalities and send impending equipment failure alerts before system damage occurs. This capability is critical to manage water usage and sanitation. It can help mitigate flooding that could shut down a facility.

Reduce Costs and Downtime with Predictive Maintenance

Facility managers can analyze equipment status data from connected sensors to address repairs and upgrades before equipment fails. This analysis helps to avoid downtime and reduces maintenance costs. Data analytics can identify unusual energy usage from an HVAC system and flag it for proactive maintenance.

Automate for Comfort and Convenience

Smart technology can automate system monitoring and adjustments to avoid manual system tracking. Smart facility management solutions use analytics-based automation for maximum operational efficiency. Automated heating and cooling systems ensure building occupants’ comfort without requiring in-person intervention.

Track Valuable Assets

Sensor- and analytics-based asset tracking allows facility managers to monitor facility assets’ status. From mitigating theft to avoiding downtime, asset tracking ensures asset protection and functionality. It is essential in making sure critical fire-safety equipment such as fire extinguishers are available and working.

Improve the Occupant Experience

Smart facilities management safeguards buildings and occupants. Many smart facility features that ensure operating efficiency also create benefits for building occupants:


Increased Comfort and Safety

Automatic monitoring and adjustment of HVAC and lighting help occupants focus on their work and be more productive. Proper lighting eliminates eyestrain and helps keep occupants safer.

SIM Security Camera Solutions

Improved Security

Security and surveillance services create a safer working environment. Smart facilities management solutions can sense air quality and alert facility managers when building occupants are at risk.


Uninterrupted Productivity

Predictive maintenance based on real-time analytics can help ensure that stores and facilities stay operational. Facility managers can schedule maintenance at the least disruptive times. They also can reduce or eliminate downtime by predicting and preventing breakdowns.

Take the Next Step Toward Making Your Building Smarter

IoT enables more secure and productive facilities. Telit makes it possible for you to improve and innovate your IoT facilities management solutions. We can help you design and integrate devices to collect data to enable smarter, greener buildings.