Facilities Management IoT Solutions

Optimize facility management operations

With less space available, increased utility costs, and higher occupancy expectations, facility managers are faced with increased pressure to more efficiently and effectively manage building systems and processes. However, traditional building management systems (BMS) are not able to provide the real-time data that facility managers need to make informed decisions in regard to efficiency, security, and comfort. The Internet of Things (IoT) has given rise to many applications that utilize data gathered from connected devices to help facility managers make smarter decisions about operations.

Make smarter decisions about your facility

Facility managers can take advantage of the Internet of Things to improve efficiency and optimize operations:

  • Alter energy usage in response to signals from energy suppliers to ensure lowest possible costs.
  • Reduce energy waste by optimizing building systems, such as utilities or HVAC systems, to match occupancy patterns.
  • Use intelligent sensors to detect temperature changes, water pressure variations, or other abnormalities and alert operational systems to take action before system damage occurs.

Improve the occupant experience

IoT solutions for facility management also make it possible for building managers to provide a better experience for the occupant by:

  • Monitoring and adjusting building systems, such as HVAC or lighting, to match comfort levels.
  • Providing real-time security and surveillance services that enhance safety for all occupants.
  • Using predictive maintenance to avoid outages or significant downtime caused by maintenance issues.
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Take the Next Step Toward Making Your Building Smarter

The Internet of Things enables organizations to create more efficient, secure, and productive facilities. Telit makes it possible to harness the power of IoT for better facilities management. We can help you connect your devices and collect and analyze valuable data so that you can be on your way toward creating a smarter building.