3G is Sunsetting

Prepare Now for a Smooth Transition to LTE

For system integrators, service providers, manufacturers, and other companies whose businesses involve cellular-connected business equipment, 3G sunsets aren’t a crisis—but a call to action. Cellular carriers are gradually ending support for 3G networks, leaving LTE as the only option.


You need to act now to determine which devices these sunsets affect and how to update or replace them as quickly and painlessly as possible. That’s where Telit comes in.

Steps to Prepare for 3G Sunset

  1. Assess your 3G deployments (which devices, how many, where)
  2. List the 3G speed and throughput needs for your 3G terminals, gateways, modems, and devices.
  3. Determine which Telit module series your devices are running.
  4. Identify any voice-capable LTE devices that run on anything other than Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

3G Sunset Dates

Cellular technology keeps evolving.

That’s why the 2G network sunset began a few years ago. And it’s why the 3G sunset is happening now, with Verizon shutting down all 2G and 3G networks by the end of 2019, other carriers in 2021 and AT&T shutting down by 2022.


Carriers are already terminating new 3G activations and reducing 3G service availability on CDMA, GSM, and HSPA networks.

Why Now?

For carriers, sunsetting 3G opens up the available spectrum necessary to operate more cost-effective 4G and 5G LTE networks.

For businesses, 3G sunsets mean challenges in the short term as you’ll be pressed to transition fully to LTE before service is disrupted and ultimately terminated. But over the long term, the transition will enable you to run your IoT and other devices on faster, more efficient 4G and 5G LTE networks.

To learn how to design for tomorrow's 4G in today's 3G design, listen to 3G transition expert, Ken Bednasz on First Things First, a Telit sponsored podcast.

LTE Devices on 3G Networks? That's a Problem.

Numerous consumer and business applications still rely on 3G networks for voice communication, including alarm panels, wearables, elevators, and other IoT devices. The devices themselves may be LTE, but in many cases, they’re running voice on 3G networks, which means voice service will be disrupted and ultimately ended with the 3G network sunset.

To avoid any surprises, businesses need to identify every 3G device and connection and build a roadmap to LTE. For voice applications, that likely means migrating to Voice over LTE (VoLTE) to improve voice quality and alleviate future service problems.

Listen to Ken Bednasz, VP of application engineering at Telit,
Explain why you need to move off 3G

Explore Telit Global Connectivity Services

Telit offers a variety of connectivity solutions to help you through the 3G sunset, including IoT/M2M SIM cards, custom data plans with roaming, and connectivity management tools for affordable provisioning and more across wireless networks.

Need a little more time before you make the move to LTE? Telit can help you extend your device life with flexible and affordable data and voice connectivity plans that will connect to carriers that will support 3G a little bit longer.

Telit also offers services that provide access to multiple tier-1 LTE networks. These multi-carrier plans will mitigate the risk for devices without 4G coverage after the switch. Especially if you make the move to LTE and find that some of your equipment does not connect properly.

Roaming and Global Data Plans for IoT and M2M

Connectivity Management

Telit's 3G Transition Program

Transition Now to LTE

Telit has created a program to support you in the transition to LTE. Our Sales and Application Engineering Teams are available to provide migration options—including products and connectivity services—to help you move to LTE as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Telit Module Series Running on 3G

If you use any of these Telit module series, your devices are running on a 3G network and need to be transitioned to LTE. Note that there are variants in the series with different sunset dates. Our experts can help you determine when and how to transition.

  • HE863
  • UC864
  • UL865
  • UE866
  • UE910
  • HE910
  • HE910 mini PCIe
  • HS3002
  • HE922
  • H24
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3G Networks are Phasing Out

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