How to Manage the Transition from
2G/3G to LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT

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Enterprises worldwide still use 2G and 3G for various use cases and applications. However, U.S. providers are in the process of sunsetting these networks to liberate bandwidth for faster, spectrum efficient 4G and 5G. Most cellular traffic in the U.S. is carried over LTE. Now that 5G is here, 2G and 3G are becoming niche and serving only a small portion of the market that don't yet support the latest standards.

However, even with the coming sunsets, it is still possible to transition your IoT deployment to LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT, which you can use to transition your deployment to 5G.

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  • The steps you need to take in creating a migration plan
  • How to future-proof your investments
  • What options exist other than 4G LTE

Brian Garrepy - Regional Sales Manager, Telit
Geoffrey Smith -  Regional Sales Manager, Telit
Joe Fahrney -  Regional Sales Specialist, Telit