All purchases of Telit deviceWISE EDGE require a subscription for technical support services. This ensures customers maintain the maximum benefits of their Telit products and services.

The support license allows customers to access software updates, security updates and new drivers. Additionally, customers with up-to-date support comes with access to phone and email hotline for questions and support. Customers can still select from our standard or premium service plans, each providing different support levels depending on your customer service demands.

To ensure you are receiving genuine Telit services and updates all deviceWISE software as of Release 22.01 requires a Technical Support License (TSL) to be installed. The TSL acts as a reminder to the status of your Support subscription.  At select periods prior to the expiration of the subscription a notification on your deviceWISE Workbench will provide a clear visual notification.  If you are missing a license or if the license is expired/expiring there is a visual notice.

Note:  As of Release 22.01 the TSL is required to eliminate notification of a missing license.  The software will continue to operate normally without it. In a future release the absence of a TSL will prevent the update of installed software.

Sample of Telit deviceWISE Tech Support License Notifications







We understand that Telit solutions are an integral part of your daily operations and services offerings. To ensure your success, our knowledgeable support engineers are prepared to assist you, whether it’s a quick question or step-by-step assistance. Our technical support help desk personnel provide our customers access to the information, tools, expertise and updates you need and expect from your solution providers.


Support Services

Phone +1 866-425-6172 (U.S. only)
Phone +1 847-478-4578 (International)


Telit deviceWISE Customers

Customers are encouraged to enter support requests and track issues using the Telit IoT Portal. Licensed customers also may receive support via telephone, email or fax 24 hours a day, seven days a week.