As the world shifts around us, the need for remote access to your machines has never been greater. However, achieving remote access and connecting your machines can require writing custom code, which is time-consuming and costly, but so is sending out your engineers to perform maintenance tasks.

The Telit deviceWISE Connected Machine Starter Package can transform your machines into profit centers. It can eliminate engineering travel time and provide real-time data collection, all without writing custom code. With this solution, you can create applications within hours.

Telit deviceWISE Connected Machine

The Telit deviceWISE IoT Connected Machine Starter Package includes:

  • Remote access
  • OEE
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Quality control
  • KPIs
  • IT/OT connectivity

Telit deviceWISE allows your machines to communicate with each other easily and quickly connects your factory to the enterprise and the value chain. The Telit deviceWISE platform offers:

  • Hundreds of drivers for native machine communication
  • Device and connectivity management systems
  • Secure remote access (tunnels)
  • Edge logic engine
  • Integrated third-party cloud connectors (e.g., Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Siemens MindSphere, PTC ThingWorx, IBM Watson and Google Cloud Platform)

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