Wi-Fi Software Development Kit

GS2000 Software Development Kit

Enables firmware engineers to extend and develop embedded module software

The GS2000 Software Development Kit (SDK) enables firmware engineers to extend networking software provided by GainSpan or develop embedded applications for the GS2000-based modules.

This SDK contains a development board with GS2000-based modules, embedded software (source/binary code), configuration management system, firmware update system, networking software, RTOS, device drivers, an integrated development environment (IDE), and JTAG hardware. Source code is provided for Serial-to-Wi-Fi code (hosted) and temperature and light sensor (TLS) code (hostless). Binary code is provided for the RTOS and the networking stack and services.

With the SDK, software development teams can design and run highly customized hostless or Serial-to-Wi-Fi applications for the GS2000-based modules. Software engineers can use and modify sample applications as a baseline for new ones.



GS2000 SDK
1-year subscription (including board revisions and support)
Telit Wi-Fi Software Development Kit


  • IAR embedded workbench IDE
  • 1-year license subscription

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