SDIO WI-FI Adaptor Board

Can be interfaced using SD card connector

The SDIO Wi-Fi Adapter Board (WAB) is a GS2101MIP Wi-Fi-module-based hardware adapter board that can be interfaced using an SD card connector to the SDIO interface of a host microcontroller. SDIO WAB provides the means to evaluate the capabilities of GainSpan’s low-power GS2101MIP Wi-Fi modules and Serial-to-Wi-Fi embedded software, and develop software for MCU host-based Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

The SDIO board includes the GainSpan GS2101MIP module and supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n protocols. It communicates with the MCU over the SDIO interface. It is designed to plug into the SD card connector on various MCU development platforms such as Renesas RZ and SH series, Freescale Tower K60, ST Micro STM32 development platforms and others. The boards have built-in external flash for reliable over the air firmware upgrade, factory restore configuration as well as data storage for web pages.

The SDIO Wi-Fi adaptor board ships with Serial-to-Wi-Fi software preloaded on the module. However, customers should load the latest version of the module firmware that is the most suited for their application from the GainSpan portal, or program the board with custom binaries built using the GainSpan SDK-Builder or GS2000 SDK.



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Telit Wi-Fi SDIO Adaptor Board


  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n SDIO Board
  • SDIO
  • SD Card or mini SD Card

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