Wi-Fi Apple HomeKit ADKs

Wi-FI Apple HomeKit Application Development Kit

The hosted HomeKit Application Development Kit (ADK) is a developer platform supporting Apple’s Homekit framework.

HomeKit ADK

The GainSpan Hosted* HomeKit Application Development Kit (ADK) is an evaluation and developer platform supporting Apple’s Homekit framework. Based on the GS2101 or GS2200 modules and associated Evaluation Board (EVB), this developer’s platform supports all profiles and services defined in Apple's Homekit Accessory Protocol (HAP), release R7 specification and has completed Apple’s Adjunct Review certification process. The EVB and embedded software application supports Bonjour discovery and secure provisioning using Apple's Wireless Authentication Co-processor (WAC). The hardware Platform includes on board temperature and light sensors and Apple’s WAC chip, pre-installed.  All Hosted HomeKit related services and profiles are accessed via a set of simple AT commands issued over a serial interface from an external system controller provided by the user. The EVB and embedded application software provide a HomeKit development platform, from which users can build their end-product accessories using the defined set of HomeKit serial AT commands.


The ADK and AEK are available only for customers who are verified Apple MFi licensees.

GainSpan has developed all of the embedded Networking and application software that operates internal to the Wi-Fi module. The GS2000 Low Power Wi-Fi SoC and associated GS2101 or GS2200 module has sufficient internal CPU and memory resources to execute all platform software as well as host the HomeKit application.

GainSpan’s successful completion of Apple’s Adjunct Review (AR) process assures that HomeKit Accessory developers can reduce their time to market by developing their end-product on top of an Apple HomeKit certified solution.

* Our software development kits (SDK) are perfect for hostless solutions, where the application code runs directly on our modules. For microcontroller-hosted solutions, the SDK-Builder, a free online tool, was created specifically to customize the code loaded on the modules and the corresponding microcontroller reference code to communicate with our modules.


Type (Hosted)

GainSpan GS2101 Hosted HomeKit Evaluation Board (EVB)
GainSpan GS2200 Hosted HomeKit Starter Kit Board (SKB)


Type (Hostless)

GainSpan GS2101 Hostless HomeKit Evaluation Board (EVB)
GainSpan GS2200 Hostless HomeKit Starter Kit Board (SKB)
GainSpan GS2101 Hostless HomeKit Development Board (EVB) *
GainSpan GS2200 Hostless HomeKit Starter Kit Board (SKB) *

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