Telit Connected Healthcare Solutions

Improve Patient Care and Hospital Operations with Award-Winning IoT Solutions

As IoT transforms the healthcare industry and enables connected healthcare breakthroughs, healthcare providers now expect real-time visibility into diagnostic data, patient records, inventory, health alerts and much more from healthcare IoT solutions.
The challenge connected healthcare solution providers face is the amount of IoT technology options that increase just as the volume of wearables and facilities increases. Connected healthcare solution providers must find the most secure, reliable network technology and connectivity to ensure regulatory compliance and keep costs low for smart hospital operations.

Connected Health Capabilities

End-to-End Security
Keeping patient data, medical IoT devices and network infrastructure secure is of utmost importance to a healthcare IoT system.
Data Aggregation
Data aggregation allows patient data to be processed efficiently, which is paramount for doctors to analyze diagnostics with ease to improve treatment.
Fast Data Exchange
Timely and secure transmission of data speeds the diagnostics process, empowering healthcare providers to begin critical treatments faster.
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