Field Theory is an antenna design company specializing in custom and semi-custom antennas which deliver Best-in-Class RF solutions.

Areas of Expertise

Field Theory provides RF design services for all IoT connectivity.

  • Industry expertise include Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Drones, Medical Devices, RFID, Smart Homes, Wearables, Tracking Devices, anything from 10MHz to 40GHz.
  • Field Theory’s RF expertise covers a wide spectrum including GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, Z-Wave, Zigbee, Cellular (all global carriers) to 5G and mmWave.
  • Field Theory uses its extensive experience, proven techniques and onsite RF lab to solve any connectivity issue.

Our advanced RF lab includes CST microwave studio for RF simulation and onsite anechoic RF test chambers that will accelerate your design, development, testing, and validation.

Specific Experience with Approvals

Field Theory will come onboard, align with your schedule, and become an extension of your engineering team.

  • Field Theory’s onsite RF lab helps accelerate the design, development and testing to improve speed to market. Field Theory offers a one stop shop from design through development and pre-certification testing.
  • Field Theory performs standard testing of OTA, TRP & TIS to get the project ready for certification.

Field Theory also offers consulting on a range of other services including design reviews, EMI/Noise issues, etc.

Other Experience

Field Theory has a range of reference designs for various RF connectivity which can be customized for your product.  These designs typically exceed industry standards for efficiency and connectivity performance and are competitively priced.

Other experience / engagements:

  • Baseline testing for current performance and make recommendations.
  • Moving from early concept to product realization.
  • Feasibility studies.


Antenna manufacturing

  • PCB, Flex / Rigid flex, Stamp Metal, LDS

Field Theory has significant inhouse capabilities in our full RF lab:

  • CST microwave studio for simulation.
  • Onsite anechoic antenna chambers for RF testing and precertification support including TRP and TIS, Through-put testing, Rate vs Range testing, Return loss, Isolation, Passive efficiency / average gain & OTA testing.
  • Prototyping equipment to fabricate our antenna designs so we reduce our development cycle and test time.

Global Reach

We have the in-depth experience working with global cellular carriers and global frequency spectrum for all connectivity, which makes Field Theory a best-in-class global RF technology partner.