Device Solutions provides outsourced engineering services for a broad spectrum of market applications. Our core expertise is in cellular design and development and a variety of short distance RF technologies including RFID, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi and a host of unlicensed short distance technologies. We provide full or partial support for preliminary design and feasibility studies, hardware design and development, embedded software development, unit and system test, factory introduction, and industry certification testing. Combined with a network of partners in industrial design, mechanical engineering, contract manufacturing, and other disciplines, we have the expertise and experience to bring products to market.

Proven Experience

Device Solutions has an 8 year history of developing hardware and embedded software for GSM/GPRS devices. We have developed 4 to 6 designs a year and successfully guided them through industry certifications and operator approvals. We have served a variety of markets including asset tracking, medical products, vending, athletics and automated control and monitoring.

Experience of Approvals

Device Solutions has guided our own designs as well as client developed designs through the industry certification and operator approvals process in North America and Europe. We maintain a close relationship with authorized certification labs and operators. Device Solutions is a test facility for AT&T handset approval, and we are an AT&T Emerging Devices Organization recommended RF engineering services provider.


Device Solutions diverse team of senior engineers have extensive experience with feasibility investigations, schematic capture, bill of material management, prototyping, hardware/software/systems debugging, antenna system design and new product introductions as well as carrier and regulatory requirements and testing procedures.


Device Solutions works closely with the customer to define and refine requirements, cost targets, and performance targets as early as possible. During feasibility we also work with the customer to define test plans and execution. The first example is an athlete tracking device that includes three radio devices in a small water proof enclosure. This device was ruggedized to support the abuse encountered by a device in a triathlon environment. The second example is a handheld portion of an ambulatory EKG device that provides real-time transfer of heart monitoring data to a back-end server application for immediate processing and interpretation. The device also provides voice communications capability for emergency communications. The third example is a multiuse licensable reference design PCB to empower clients who need cellular communications in their product with a pre-certified, low entry cost, quick to market solution.

Global Contacts

Device Solutions works regularly with four contract manufacturers, two of which have offshore manufacturing capabilities. We have also worked with a variety of client selected manufacturing partners.