Azure-Certified Developer Resources

IoT Plug-and-Play (PnP) with Microsoft Azure simplifies and ensures quick and optimal product integration with Azure without writing code. Telit’s Bravo evaluation kit and module families certified by Microsoft as part of the Azure Certified for IoT device catalog provide developers with a full selection of industry-leading NB-IoT, LTE-M, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 (BLE5) and Cat 1-4 modules for the rapid development of Azure-powered IoT applications.

Telit Bravo Evaluation Kit

Telit Bravo is a complete, ready-to-use evaluation kit that allows you to create a working proof of concept for your cellular IoT application using Telit’s tools and resources. Bravo features ME910C1-WW, which also integrates Telit OneEdge™, our award-winning software and services suite. Bravo can be used as a standalone solution with Telit’s AppZone API or connected to Arduino or Raspberry Pi as a non-standalone solution.

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Test Telit OneEdge with Your Bravo Kit

Telit OneEdge is an innovative module-embedded software system with pre-packaged, secure, easy-to-use deployment and management tools. Telit’s pre-provisioned OneEdge modules are thoroughly tested and network certified, so they’re ready to connect to the cloud as soon as they’re activated. From a single pane, you can manage all your devices, connectivity and application data. We also offer 10 MB of connectivity with Telit simWISE™, our cellular LPWA embedded modules based on integrated SIM technology.

  • Dramatically simplify IoT solution design, deployment and management
  • Support from prototype to production, development to deployment, and mock-up to mature solution
  • Reduce device footprint, provisioning complexity and total cost of ownership with Telit simWISE

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Telit AppZone Access

Telit IoT AppZone simplifies product design with advanced and easy-to-use tools and APIs. Develop, test and manage applications and run them inside the Telit module. Full integration with IoT services makes it easier to manage the complete life cycle of your applications and software components.

  • Reduce redundancy and optimize your solution architecture to lower BOM costs
  • Eliminate the microcontroller to simplify and reduce costs
  • Create a proof of concept rapidly and with minimal investment

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More Azure-Compatible Telit Modules