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UMTS|HSPA+ 14.4/5.76
LTE 100/50 | DC-HSPA+ 42.0/5.76
LE910 Mini PCIe

The xE910 Mini PCIe data-card is a product series available in three different technologies: LTE ...

LTE 100/50 | DC-HSPA+ 42.0/5.76
LE910 Series

The LE910 introduces the next generation of Telit LTE modules. It is essentially two high-speed cell...

LTE 100/50 | DC-HSPA+ 42.0/5.76
LE920 AUTO Series

The LE920 is part of Telit's xE920 form factor family conceived to address stringent requirements in...

LTE 100/50 | DC-HSPA+ 42.0/11.5
M.2 Data Cards
LN930 Series

The 4G LN930 M.2 data-card delivers 100 Mbps-down and 50 Mbps-up data rates on LTE or 42 Mbps down a...