The GE864-QUAD AUTO V2 is an extra-rugged member of the GE864 product series incorporating quad-band and very low power consumption, developed to meet the most demanding automotive requirements. The GE864 sub-compact form factor allows integration of automotive and other applications requiring assured extended operating temperature range and mechanical ruggedness for the small dimensions of electronics bays in trucks, automobiles, and other mobile platforms. With compliance to the eCall directive, the GE864-QUAD AUTO V2, is ready to be integrated in electronic vehicle safety systems for use throughout Europe and globally with your market's implementation of regional safety protocols.

Key Benefits

  • RUN AT Commands Remotely and Event Monitor services

  • Premium FOTA Management - Easy firmware update by transmitting only a small delta file

  • Ideal for all automotive m2m markets, both OEM and aftermarket

  • BGA compact and shock/vibration resistant form factor allows the integration for automotive applications

  • Ready to be integrated in an electronic safety system installed inside vehicles, automatically calling emergency services in case of accident

Family Concept

The GE864 quad-band GSM/GPRS series of cellular modules includes a standard variant, an ATEX certified variant, an automotive variant and a GPS-equipped variant; all featuring a common 30x30 mm footprint, low profile BGA package. This allows developers and integrators to easily drop in different variants of the GE864 family with little design and integration time and effort.

Cellular-based Geolocation Service - m2mLOCATE

m2mLOCATE is a Telit cloud-based service that provides a device's position based on observed cellular Cell-IDs.

Accessing a database of over 40 million cell-IDs globally, m2mLOCATE can provide a position for every use-case including indoors/underground, outdoors, and boundary situations. For devices with GNSS capability and a view of the satellites, m2mLOCATE provides a position while the GNSS makes a more accurate fix. In the event satellites are not visible (e.g. deep indoors or underground), or the device has no GNSS apparatus, then a position is still provided based on observed cellular signals.

With m2mLOCATE, Telit modules are able to retrieve their position using cellular network information and in urban and rural areas, identifying signals to obtain Cell-ID-based positioning under any condition.

Telit's m2mLOCATE is a service developed in partnership with RxNetworks, a leading provider of Location Based Services (LBS) with an extensive resource portfolio which includes Cell-ID and Wi-Fi access point databases; and Ephemeris stream files. For more information pls. refer to the datasheet.

m2mAIR Ready

This product is capable of supporting the extensive suite of m2mAIR value-added services and connectivity you can use to enhance your application and boost your competitive advantage.
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