Why Python?

The importance of embedding and running proprietary software applications on m2m modules has pushed Telit to be among the first to introduce GSM/GPRS modules supporting a revolutionary feature called "Easy Script®". It offers the facility to run a customer program on the Telit modules, writing the controlling application directly in a high-level open-sourced language: Python.

Easy Script® is a complete software platform that enables development of m2m applications without additional investment in hardware, license fees, and dependence on other manufacturers‘ technology.

Telit has chosen Python© above others since it is known as a dynamic, object-oriented programming language with strong support for integration with different tools, extensive standard libraries and can be learned in within a few days.

The core benefits of Telit´s programming solution with Python© are:

  • No license fees or dependence on manufacturers‘ technology

  • Built-in custom modules dedicated to m2m

  • Operating efficiently with low power processor = low power consumption

  • Reduces total cost of the module

  • Ready to use

  • Free with all Telit GPS products