Technical Support

About Telit Technical Support

About Telit Technical Support

Telit has a long tradition in world-class technical support. In 1986 our company started activities as an engineering services provider to multinational telecoms. In 1997 the company began manufacturing and marketing millions of cellular handsets and automotive communication systems under the Telital & Telital Automotive brands. In 2003 it started manufacturing the first cellular modules. Over this time, with technical support remaining a top discipline in the company, our support teams have grown to include top-educated engineers with design and development experience and the technology know-how to support you in any challenge you may face.

Add to this group of top-notch dedicated support engineers, the benefits of completely owning our GSM and Short Range protocol stacks, our total focus on m2m, and you have the basis for perfect AAA technical support and customization services, no matter what phase your m2m project is in. We understand how demanding it is to design m2m applications. That is why we work to provide you this 360° degree support throughout all phases of your project: from module acquisition, implementation, production, to deployment, activation, and management of the fielded module.

Telit support services are designed to reduce development time, costs and risks, allowing our customers to remaining competitive with products that meet market timing, requirements, and employ the latest technology.

Technical Sales Team

Technical Sales Engineers are technical experts dedicated to bringing you technical support on-site during the pre-sales product selection process. Telit Sales Engineers also come into the sales process to offer advice in selecting the best radio modules for your application. This broad technical sales team works with our customers to provide clarity, absorbing your project requirements and turning out the best suited set of Telit products and services for you project. And in order to help our customers learn the fundamentals of the wireless technologies they are looking to integrate, these and other Telit experts step in to share knowledge and experience through meticulously tailored training courses and workshops.

Application Engineering Team

During the product implementation phase, our Application Engineers guide customers through the entire module integration process. Based on specific project requirements, different technical representatives are assigned to ensure the project is completed quickly, efficiently, and successfully with the shortest time-to-market. This is also the group within Telit serving as the interface between customers and R&D. They coordinate activities with hardware and software engineers to speed up the integration process into certification and production. Any time from integration into pre-homologation phases, Telit offers customers access to its laboratories to help with technical issues and compliance testing.

Telit Technical Support team provides guidance and support via email, telephone, technical forum, social media or any convenient way for you to reach us.