Technical Specifications

Telit AppZone's technical specifications

  • Programming Language: C
  • File System: up to 32MB (depends on module version)
  • Separate App Space: up to 24 MB ( depends on module version)
  • Separate App RAM Space: up to 24 MB (depends on module version)
  • GPIO’s: 10 (8 can employ Real Interrupts)
  • ADC: 1 (10 bits resolution)
  • Interrupt Latency: 130μsec
  • USB: 3
  • HW Timers
  • Sockets: Unlimited – memory dependency
  • Standard Interfaces: IP Sockets, FS, UART, USB

Package Content

  • Telit AppZone SDK
  • GCC and GDB compiler tool chain
  • ARM Compiler tool chain (optional on request)
  • AppZone User Guide
  • AppZone APIs User Reference
  • AppZone Quick Reference
  • AppZone OTA Application Note
  • JTAG Support (optional on request)
  • Source Code examples (optional on request)

Optional ARM Compiler

For optimal performance and code size management, we
are now able, through an agreement with ARM, to offer the
ARM Compiler as an optional addition to our industry-leading
AppZone IDE.

Additional services

  • On Site Training
  • Code Review
  • Schematic Review
  • Telit Technical Support Forum