Embedded or external? The answer is the Telit AppZone platform.

Trying to decide over an external micro controller or considering embedding your application into a wireless module? The answer is the Telit AppZone, an environment that we developed as an integrated platform that runs in the Telit module and provides an advantageous "all-in-one" solution. It allows you to save time and money because the M2M module can perform all the key tasks normally associated with an external microprocessor.

You will be surprised about the capabilities due to the efficient platform implementation and its inherent flexibility. Whether you are planning a new tracking application, an innovative healthcare device, a trend-setting Automatic Meter Reading component or any other m2m application, Telit AppZone could meet your needs whilst minimizing your effort and costs.The result is a faster Time to Market.If your company has an idea for a new M2M application with Telit AppZone you have a real head-start to make sure the development is fast and efficient.

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The benefits come from Simplicity and Standardization.


  • Run your software application in the Telit module and manage peripherals, communicate with the module and connect to the network. You don't need an external micro controller to manage this activity.
  • Telit AppZone hosts the application in the internal memory space reserved in the module. With no need for external flash and RAM, nor additional electronic components and their integration, this can reduce Bill of Material and design complexity.


    • Develop using high-level language. The Operating System has been optimized and developers can program in standard C language bringing confidence to smoothly integrate within the platform environment. You don't have to start with a low level language and worry about future efforts for its maintenance and updates.
    • Integrate easily and quickly all interface functions you need because Telit AppZone is an open platform compliant to BSD (for Sockets) and Posix (for FS and HW control). It allows developers to implement applications using their knowledge on open software, libraries and protocols.

      Telit AppZone is the integrated and all-in-one-solution that runs in the Telit module.

      Less investment - Fast time-to-market - Most effective.

      Telit AppZone is the perfect platform to develop quickly and without additional or hidden costs many kinds of application that require low cost and fast development time. Telit Appzone is currently being adopted to develop complex projects by large enterprises across many industries. NeverthelessAppzone is also the perfect platform to adopt when you are a small-mid size company and want to go to the market quickly and without the need to invest huge amount of money to develop and integrate external solutions.