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Do you know what you need to look for?

It’s important to know what criteria you should consider when it comes to choosing the right IoT data plan. Our experts have compiled a 10 point list of the most important criteria to consider, whether you are just starting out or already have thousands of connections installed.

1. Custom plans for IoT data, SMS and voice

Different IoT applications use different types of plans. Sometimes you may need only a data plan, other times alarms to be sent over SMS, or perhaps voice for specialized applications requiring human interaction. Make sure your provider offers custom IoT data packages from short bursts to large broadband files for all of the different types of cellular data.

2. 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE mobile broadband packages

Make sure your provider accommodates both your new and legacy devices. In some cases, where some operators may be phasing out their different generation networks, you must look for a provider who can harmoniously support 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE standards.

3. Coverage on tier-one mobile networks

Don’t settle for spotty network coverage; your provider should offer universal coverage on established tier-one networks, with reliability and redundancy. Tier-one mobile networks are secure, reliable, mature, and scalable with dependable coverage in both urban and rural areas.

4. Seamless roaming across networks and regions

If you need to track mobile assets, you need a network provider that can follow you anywhere. A specialized IoT data provider can seamlessly integrate the networks of multiple carriers so you don’t lose service as you move across different regions, while also offering customized roaming packages with no hidden charges or rate surprises.

5. Multi-layer security and VPN connections

Security is at the top of companies needs now more than ever; make sure your IoT connectivity provider offers multi-layer network, routing and transport security across your own tailor made private VPN network, with geo-redundant 24/7 monitoring and network operations center support.

6. Simple agreements, predictable pricing and no hidden fees

When managing just a few things or thousands of connected devices, sorting through bills can be cumbersome and connectivity costs can get out of control. Look for an IoT data plan that features simple agreements, predictable pricing, and no hidden fees for roaming or unexpected data overages.

7. 24/7 support by dedicated IoT experts and account teams

If your IoT solution isn’t going to sleep at night, can your IoT solution provider afford to sleep either? Critical events can happen at any time; make sure your operator is equipped to offer around the clock support to ensure your IoT deployments are up and running 24/7.  Also look for a dedicated account team with a single point-of-contact that’s focused on helping you grow your business.

8. Connectivity Management with built-in connection provisioning and analysis

Whether your devices are on just one local network or connected over different networks and wireless protocols around the world, can your provider give you the tools to confidently manage your connections?  Make sure you can provision, manage and analyze all your connections from a single intuitive interface to optimize performance and manage costs of your entire IoT deployment.  Self-Care subscription and lifecycle management combined with real-time diagnostics and usage controls are necessary for you to be able to understand the health of your network and adjust pricing plans retroactively.

9. Integrated Cloud-based application enablement platform

‘Things’ to ‘Apps’ should be easy – You want a solution that lets you manage both connectivity and application development from a single, intuitive web-based interface. These should let you manage connectivity as well as data collection, data storage, and data integration via built-in dashboards, simple API’s for web-based and mobile apps, and enterprise systems for big data analytics.

10. Leading, stable and specialized IoT service provider

Make sure your IoT service provider is specialized leader in IoT; they’ll have the experience and resources necessary to effectively enable your IoT deployment, and also have the critical infrastructure and support to scale and grow with your business.

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