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Provision, and operate your cellular connected devices globally with best-in-class coverage, 24/7 support and services at business-enabling life-cycle costs. Telit IoT Connectivity is your solution, built around your needs and with your industry in mind. Designed from the ground-up with a philosophy of "streamlined simplicity", Telit

IoT Connectivity offers at the same time, an exceptionally powerful and versatile management experience of web-based applications and mobile dashboards. Advanced mobile network operation management features enable you to easily monitor, provision, control and configure your remote device-base, on-the-fly. Take the operation of your deployment to a new level of granular efficiency and shorten your time-to-revenue.

Reach-out, manage and interact with your global IoT installed-base from anywhere, at any time, with Telit IoT Connectivity.

Why it matters

You are covered with us.Telit IoT Connectivity solutions leverage the world’s leading carrier networks aided by a massive infrastructure including our own carrier-grade network operation center (NOC). IoT Connectivity has been delivering comprehensive, customized wireless data solutions for more than 20 years. As enablers of best-in-class IoT connectivity and integration, Telit IoT Connectivity solution offers our OEMs carrier-grade services with the global coverage, over-the-air management and in-depth understanding of the IoT marketplace essential to in today’s competitive and complex IoT adoption market.

Manage One or Simply Millions of IoT Devices Easily with Flexible Pay-As-You-Grow Rate Plans Designed Around You.

  • Flexible configurable connectivity solutions.
  • Control with full security tailored rate plans designed to deliver exactly the connectivity you need
  • 24/7 Support
  • Suite of competitive value-added offerings
  • Telit-unique enhanced solutions
  • Integration with the Telit IoT module

Telit IoT Connectivity simplifies remote device provisioning, activation, updates and billing. We provide convenient edge-device management features while our dynamic pay-as-you-grow rate plans offer further cost savings, billing you for connectivity you need and use. You can leverage our global footprint to help manage your product regulatory and carrier certifications, anywhere in the world. In addition, our expert design and review services top off the IoT Connectivity experience, providing comprehensive analysis of your solution. Your go-to-market enjoys less risk from potential implementation obstacles and improved time-to-market with higher stability and performance for your application.

How IoT Benefits You

  • Reduces your learning curve and operation effort with comprehensive and easy-to-use management tools
  • Reduces costs, time-to-market and exposure to competitive pressures
  • Dynamic and simplified pay-as-you-grow rate plans and smart billing help your project financing
  • Scalable service delivery model for one device or millions let you grow on our platform indefinitely
  • Global product certification support anywhere in the world let you take your success to other regions and markets

IoT Connectivity Solutions A Suite of Unified Solutions designed to simplify IoT deployment administration



At the heart of any IoT application is mobile connectivity. Telit IoT Connectivity services are carried over leading tier one mobile network operators (MNOs). They include global roaming and domestic subscriptions offered in standard or tailored rate plans. Plans also include access to Telit’s Connected Device Platform (CDP) for convenient account management.
Our Connectivity solutions are all backed by professional 1st, 2nd and R&D tiered support provided by expert technicians and engineers versed in the latest IoT technologies with team members averaging more than 10 years’ experience in mobile network connectivity troubleshooting.

  • Access data, SMS and voice services over tier one global 2G, 3G and 4G carrier
  • Premium serviceability from network agnostic offerings
  • Reduced integration effort from software as a service (SaaS) enabled solutions and standard APIs


NETWORK SECURITY OFFERINGS - A wide variety of ruggedized and secure IoT IP solutions with simple and fast setup. Solutions are geo-redundant, 24/7 monitored and supported. APNs, Private VPN, Secure Internet direct, wireless matrix and cloud connector are available and custom designed according to your needs.

  • Secure connectivity for wireless applications from a wide variety of connectivity options
  • 24/7 FOLLOW-THE-SUN TECHNICAL SUPPORT – our network technicians are able to support you, proactively identifying network issues based on real-time network information, providing you alerts before they become critical.
  • Tailored connectivity IP solutions designed according to your requirements


You can improve profitability, financial performance and quality of service with the valuable insights that Intelligence provides you into usage and billing profiles, on the fly. Leverage easy-to-use business performance analytics and powerful data parsing tools that enable you to quickly organize and parse large quantities of data. Easily provision, activate and collect SIM information from your remote edge-devices. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) for your deployments and track against these KPIs in real-time. Immediately adjust to excessive roaming, run-away data streams, and other potential device issues while leveraging statistical analysis to effectively extrapolate usage, performance and profitability metrics.

  • Easily manage large global cellular IoT deployments and rollouts
  • Convenient user-friendly and intuitive web based interface
  • Mine insights from customer accounts, right down to individual SIMs
  • Maintain IoT business performance and profits and remain competitive


Aware is a solution designed to keep you informed and to mitigate risk. Effective risk management tools monitor the behavior and trends in demand. Aware empowers you with controls and alerting features designed around your application life-cycles. The solution scales to any size customer providing standard real-time connectivity monitoring and control functionalities often reserved only for large enterprises.

  • Real-time monitoring dashboards
  • Mitigate impact of critical and catastrophic events
  • Full control and alerting tailored to your applications’ lifecycles
  • Proactive approach to early identification and problem solving


Automation allows the setup and definition of customized rules for automation of life-cycle management and billing management. It incorporates an easy to use rules-based engine. Pay for connectivity only when your service is generating revenue. Retroactive billing optimization.

IoT Connectivity Platform

Your connected mobile device infrastructure will benefit from simplified management with our IoT Connectivity platform services. Streamline your large multi-national IoT deployment with enterprise-grade connectivity and integration solutions that scale to any size project or requirement. Effective IoT administration reduces risk, optimizes performance, provides situational awareness and automates deployment of your IoT value-chain.

Connected Device Platform (CDP)

Our CDP solution provides unmatched unified global visibility and control over all your connected devices. Presented over a visually intuitive user-friendly interface, CDP can help you easily provision, activate or suspend SIM cards, manage user profiles, analyze data traffic, and inventory your SIM assets. In addition you can leverage CDP’s advanced functionalities to enable realtime diagnostics and usage controls.

  • Manage IoT deployments of any size or complexity
  • Streamline your go-to-market and reduce your time-to-market
  • Easy to use common user-interface and APIs for your global deployments
  • Manage self-care subscriptions (lifecycle, inventory, profile, device diagnostics)

Device Management

For your requirements of seamless remote access to manage and diagnose your IoT install-base we offer Device Management, an industrial scale Mobile Device Management (MDM) service centered on the cellular module, and an industry first. Advanced device management includes streamlined module inventory management, mobile network diagnostics, IP/hardware testing, and module resets. Our Device Management solution requires no device-side application integration and is currently supported by millions of Telit modules in the field.

  • Increase the reliability and continuity of your IoT services
  • Streamline troubleshooting and technical ticket handling
  • Reduce unneeded IoT device replacements and servicing
  • Manage SLAs at the IoT unit level
  • Empower customer service and technical support teams


Telit Here is a solution designed to provide a statistically accurate approximation of a device’s geographical location, based on mobile, wireless networking protocols. The global solution features a powerful, cost-effective location-based service that is fully GPS-independent. With it you can determine the location of an idle or active device anywhere, indoors or out.

Available worldwide, the Here service is GNSS and MNO independent, requiring no hardware or software re-design.

  • On demand per unit OTA
  • Seamlessly supports aftermarket deployments
  • Perfectly suited for applications that are not geo-location enabled
  • Locatable indoors or out, in idle or active mode, connected to a home network or roaming
  • Independent of mobile network operator services