M2M/ IoT Connectivity Management

Optimize Performance and Manage Cost


IoT connection provisioning, management and analysis across wireless networks to optimize data consumption and cost.

Our convenient, easy-to-use, web-based management tools provide in-depth oversight into your account – right down to the individual SIM.


Consolidate connection visibility and control over globally connected devices

Manage costs and set provisioning parameters through our integrated aggregation of Mobile Network Operators and Connected Device Platforms.

  • Unified global management and aggregation of CDR records for multiple MNOs
  • Single access user interface to gain quick insights to connections and usage profiles per service
  • Extensive set of standard protocol APIs across MNOs providing instant insight to connections
  • Subscription lifecycle management, device diagnostics and BYO connectivity enablement


Monitor your connection health

Mitigate critical events for multiple devices in multiple geographies with risk management tools that monitor connectivity behavior and trends.

  • Alert rules combined with trend analysis via predefined recipient Email, SMS and SNMP traps
  • Device management commands can be set to trigger actions automatically or manually
  • Rich graphical dashboards with definable metrics to easily monitor connectivity performance and patterns


Optimize business and technical performance

Track and analyze deployments and costs as a whole or down to a single connection, regardless of origin. User friendly UI provides near real-time access to statistics and usage information in visual representations.

  • Parameter filters: Billable or active, network operator, SIM type, batch order, price zones and more
  • Pin-point and troubleshoot devices
  • Downloadable data and predefined reports


Network/routing/transport security

Secure your data transfers with a multi-layered approach to connectivity whether you need to protect communications from device to back end systems, access to internet or device to device.

  • Tailor made IP solutions with simple and fast set up
  • Rugged geo-redundant solution with 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Multiple options: Private VPN, Internet Direct, Wireless Matrix and cloud Connector


Set up and define

Automate Billing Behavior by set up and definition of customized rules.

  • Retroactive billing optimization and right sizing
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing models

Switch is a roaming network selection tool that allows on-the-fly proactive change of providers on a national level, offsetting the financial and technical risks posed by mobile network failures. It supports SOAP and JSON APIs.

  • Manual steering sets fixed rules based upon programmed logic
  • Auto steering provides ability to fluctuate based upon remote management of thresholds set through module by AT Command Sets