IoT Know-How

Unmatched IoT Expertise, Resources, & Support

Telit’s combination of IoT partners, consulting services, and community members combine to create powerful IoT-enabled business transformation.

Telit’s unique status as a pure-play IoT company offers customers the benefits of IoT modules, connectivity, and platforms all under one roof. Combined with 15+ years of unmatched IoT expertise, resources and support focused on the success of our customers, Telit has an unmatched ability to assist our customers with developing an end-to-end solution from IoT concept ideation all the way to full-scale commercial deployments.

Available as a whole or in parts, Telit’s unique combination of IoT partners, consulting services, and community members combine to create powerful IoT-enabled business transformation.


Knowledge Sharing

Learn how to turn IoT concepts into reality.

Telit and our Global partners’ industry events bring together business leaders, executives, engineers and developers who want to leverage the expertise of our IoT ecosystem to get to market faster. At these events community members learn of successful use cases and best practices in a hands-on, face-to-face manner.


Partner Programs

Leverage Telit's ecosystem to simplify all aspects of your IoT Deployments.

The Telit ecosystem is an ever-expanding partner network of recognized IoT experts and innovators across all steps of the value chain. Our partners possess a range of domain expertise in industries, technologies, networks, and system integrations. Customers may take advantage of this network with the goal of reducing risk, time to market, complexity and cost of deploying complete end-to-end IoT solutions.


Easy On-Boarding

Ensure quick and easy onboarding to the Telit IoT Portal with a certified partner gateway.

Promoting interoperability between devices from Telit’s business partners and its deviceWISE IoT Platform, the deviceWISE Ready hardware partner program simplifies the integrated IoT product development process. deviceWISE Ready extends beyond technical compatibility and includes broad collaboration with partners in many areas, including:

  • Technical training and engineering support
  • Access to the deviceWISE portal
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Lead sharing, sales collaboration and demonstrations
  • Revenue sharing and referral incentives


Technical Training

Learn how to create your own IoT solution.

Curated for IoT developers and integrators, Telit IoT University teaches the skills needed to create, deploy, administer and maintain IoT solutions based upon Telit’s  deviceWISE IoT platform. Courses are taught frequently at Telit's offices in South Florida, or may be taught on-site at a customer's location.

A combination of instructor-led lectures and hands-on lab exercises teach you the fundamentals of IoT. Afterwards, our innovation and design lab is the perfect place to start prototyping your own IoT solution backed by the power of deviceWISE.


Competence Centers

Simplify the creation of your IoT deployment with Telit-selected technology partners.

Competence centers are Telit-selected partner companies with considerable expertise in designing cellular and RF solutions. Their proven skills in hardware, software, and mechanical component development combined with in-depth knowledge of regional market adaptions make them the perfect partner to assist with end-device design and development effort.

Competence centers are also selected for their substantial expertise with specific vertical segments. These partner companies provide an extension to the Competence Center program helping our customers navigate complex market scenarios and improve their speed-to-market.


IoT AppZone

Accelerate innovation using framework and tools leveraging the full power of the IoT module.

IoT AppZone accelerates innovation using framework and tools leveraging the full power of IoT modules by providing a cost and complexity saving alternative to microcontrollers; perfect for small footprint and low cost deployments.

This powerful combination of application development environment bolstered with cellular connectivity allows you to manage the full lifecycle of your applications and software components:

  • Develop
  • Debug and Test
  • Deploy and Manage Applications


Tech Forum

Access a thriving knowledge base for quick answers to your IoT questions.

A powerful asset used by system integrators, developers and partner companies exchanging questions and answers, the Telit Technical forum is an open community offering invaluable technical knowledge and data on everything IoT, including the broad range of Telit IoT products and services.


Solutions Consulting

Utilize Telit’s expertise for all phases of IoT Development.

Combined with unmatched IoT expertise and developer resources that enable end-to-end IoT solutions across virtually any market or industry, Telit’s Solutions Consulting team collaborates with its extensive ecosystem of maker communities, technology partners, blue chip companies, system integrators, and mobile network operators to facilitate your organization’s efforts in:

  • Concept ideation
  • System architecture
  • Prototype development
  • Commercial deployment


Certification Services

Reduce time-to-market of your deployment with our cellular certification expertise.

No matter what your target regions, your IoT deployment will be required to comply with a litany of communication rules and regulations due to the nature of wireless data transmission.  Telit has certified their own modules for years, so our Certification Services are primed to help you develop carrier relationships and assist with module integration certification and carrier approvals; significantly reducing the cost and time associated with getting your product to market.

The Telit Certification Services’ network of partner labs and service providers offer certification assistance for:

  • CE
  • FCC
  • IC
  • GCF
  • And most other mobile network standards


24/7 Support

Keep your networks running 24/7.

If your IoT Solution isn’t going to sleep at night, can your IoT Solution provider afford to? Telit’s 24/7 support offers your organization a single point-of-contact global account team to focus on troubleshooting  critical outages and ensure your solution is up and running.

You can select from our basic, standard or operational service plans, each providing different levels of support depending on your needs. 


Security Advisory

Telit evaluates and suggests solutions to bolster your IoT Deployment’s security.

With millions of vulnerable endpoints under potential attack by hackers and cybercriminals deploying malware, viruses, and other malicious threats, you need relevant IoT security and expertise. Telit’s security advisory team can evaluate the exposure level of your IoT deployment, and then provide you with a solution to bolster critical security attributes.


Design Support

Eliminate costly hardware design revisions.

Getting an analysis of your applications and/or devices can significantly improve the stability and performance of your application, reducing overall time-to-market.

Telit’s Design Support team can offer assistance with: Schematic, PCB layout, component placement, component selection (to reduce the BOM), measurement and characterization of integrated antenna and system architecture.