Developer Program

Working together accelerates time to market


The deviceWISE Developer Program provides unlimited access to the technical tools, resources and support necessary to evaluate our developer friendly IoT platform, configure innovative live trials with free trial Telit mobile connectivity accounts and deviceWISE trial accounts and deploy your own enterprise-grade remote monitoring and control applications.

Our technology, system integrator and carrier partners offer deviceWISE Ready hardware and software, integration, wireless networking services, custom point solutions and applications, or turnkey commercial deployments, as needed. Whether you are looking for plug-and-play or a highly customized solution, our Developer Program helps you reduce the risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost of deploying complete end-to-end IoT solutions.


Our developer program guides you through all aspects of using the off-the-shelf deviceWISE platform and integrating with products and services from our ecosystem partners. The program also provides comprehensive technical resources and SDK’s for deviceWISE APIs that let you connect and integrate with proprietary devices and custom systems. It’s easy to get started with cloud-ready modules from Telit and other deviceWISE Ready products. Features include:

  • deviceWISE OPEN APIs
  • Free deviceWISE AEP developer account
  • Discussion Forum and Wiki
  • deviceWISE portal access
  • Technical resources and documentation
  • Development tools and SDKs
  • Training and support
  • Workshops and developers’ retreat
  • Interaction with ecosystem partners
  • Discounted hardware


    Connecting your things to the cloud has never been easier with the free deviceWISE developer trial.

    Your Free Trial Includes

    • Up to 10 connected devices
    • Up to 10MB of Cloud storage per month
    • No time limit
    • Self-registration
    • Full-access to all features and capabilities of the deviceWISE platform and developer resources
    • Seamless transition to a paid subscription - keep all your data and credentials
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    Our do-it-yourself cloud service gives you instant and full access to the mature and comprehensive features and all the necessary tools and resources. No upfront investment is required and engineers can focus on building apps, not infrastructure. If you’re starting out, the easy-to-use portal has basic visualization tools and dashboards for most remote tracking, monitoring and control applications across all industries and markets, right out of the box with a low-cost service plan. In addition, deviceWISE cloud customers enjoy professional maintenance and support and ongoing upgrades to new features and capabilities.