Automotive IoT Modules

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Automotive IoT Modules

Automotive is one of Telit’s core segments and of particular importance to us. We not only develop modules specific for this industry but ensure the highest quality standards are observed from R&D to manufacturing and logistics, completely meeting automotive requirements. To guarantee total adherence to these quality standards we have a dedicated team spanning R&D, sales and support whose job it is to know and help you navigate the challenges you face integrating M2M into cars, trucks, buses, and other automotive platforms.

xE940 Family - AUTO

The industry’s most secure, high-speed automotive-grade LTE-Advanced modules


xE920 Family - AUTO

Compliant with supply-chain requirements from OEM automotive, IT and other multi-tier supply chain electronics manufacturing segments


xE910 Family - AUTO

Designed for use in the most demanding of automotive applications


xE864 Family - AUTO

Extra-rugged with very low power consumption



The Telit platform for automotive telematics on-board units